Acceleration Prayer / The Nutrients


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released January 13, 2017

Written, arranged, and performed by GNØER. Recorded at Toxic Beware by Greg Eyman. Vocals recorded at Fidelitorium. Mixed at Fidelitorium by Missy Thangs. Produced by Missy Thangs and GNØER. Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B. Design by Babies McGovern.



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GNØER Raleigh, North Carolina

Three electronic musicians in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Track Name: Acceleration Prayer
They're peeling out of the business park
Pink above the trees all going dark
So you strike up a bargain with the stars
Romantic academics, all sheathed in smoke
They spell out sidebars, so in on the joke
No DJ in the booth, the party runs remote

Jonathan Good, veins full of residue
Shirt with a tiger stripe and red suede shoes
No position to protect or refuse
Fake sweetener, so sour in the mouth
Fake sentiments so easily spit out
Swallowed by the cacophonous crowd

We are steady though we shake
We ascend, wide awake, black eyes unblinking
Over skylines, under rain
We refer to refrains, remain unsinking

So as you pray, accelerate
Track Name: The Nutrients
Weathered these untouched years
Consider winds that brought you here
Channel such a sacred drone
Closer—the hurdles to home

A chorus that still reverberates
Patently false, it insinuates
Surrender instead to the firmament
Avail yourself of the nutrients

Liars loud in balconies
Pushing toxic fantasies
You're spreading salt on every road
The moments you can never hold

You toggle between to be or seem
Poison to keep out of your bloodstream
Bitter the tapes—the diatribe
Rip out the cord; we're about to fly

Why deny such a violent sky?
Raise your eyes
Maybe faith's a fight
Why deny such a crowded sky?