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This is GNØER's debut release.


released December 4, 2015

Written, arranged, and performed by GNØER. Recorded at Pershing Hill Sound and Toxic Beware by Greg Elkins and GNØER. "Reunion Show" mixed/produced by David Mueller. All others mixed by Greg Elkins and GNØER. Mastered at Pershing Hill Sound by Greg Elkins. Design by Babies McGovern.



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GNØER Raleigh, North Carolina

Three electronic musicians in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Track Name: Tonight's The Word
It started with the streetlights buzzing on with sunset, autumn shadows in a strip mall town. We'd press our faces to window screens and breathe in bonfire breezes. Fake a myth and then believe it, high on just a sugar rush of sound, huddled in basements, politely waiting, so in love with the aching for a cinematic something, a touch to crash these constellations down. Tonight's the word we'd sing. Burning leaves, bleeding chorus, a warm and careless kiss to floor us, night was ripping open for us. We were conjurers, fading into ghosts. So the infinite ended. We carelessly spent it, and grew more tired than we ever knew, the dreamless sleep, the debts and deadlines. Try reviving sensations with wine and compilations. Visions glitter and recede to blue. Still I press my face to a window screen and beyond the belt line droning, faint voices are trembling, young ghosts singing out for me and you. We can join them if we want to. Burning leaves, bleeding chorus, a warm and careless kiss to floor us, night's laid bare and calling for us. Come on, conjurers. Dark is nearly gone. Meet me where the leaves still burn. Breathe in and believe me. It's just a little further on. Through the backyard shadows, see the lovers swaying. Sing to me of chances gone. It's a beautiful aching. I swear I hear it calling.
Track Name: Ends Out
The sun's gone away and returned to us. Today, it's even bothered to shine. Chalk it up in black on the ledger. It's not nothing, sweet child of mine. Sweet, smokey winds from the roastery, yellow buses in the turning lanes. Catching the notes in the counter kid's eye, jasmine and cayenne and cane. They're piping in the cellos and banjos to score the grand and clumsy ballet. Commuters, marathoners, and the critical mass, elbow-deep in the dirt of the day. With the bands all wide and humming, grids and cables all up and running, on a day so ripe, so stunning, ends out for the sacred something. So you've taken quite a stab at that atrophy, but this evening's almost writing itself. Your working vocal chords left the great indoors to join the denizens and sentinels. There's comfort in the rushing distortion, syncopating with the laughter and wine. Strutters and lifers and recovered satellites, see the city's never left you behind. With the bands all wide and humming, lush lovers all amok and running, on a night so ripe, so stunning, ends out for the sacred something.
Track Name: Unpreventable Crash
No one's asking your permission or waiting for you to arrive, but the blood's still circulating, irrational, red, and alive. As the threads of information betray us all in a flash, it's a moment expertly landed. It's an unpreventable crash. Retrieve the dripping stanzas. Let them dry on the passenger seat. Tonight we'll breach the chasm, shake the tethers down to our feet. As the sky pinwheels its splendor, steal every glittering speck. Feel the thrum of a true ignition. You haven't been counted out yet. Not yet.
Track Name: Reunion Show
A message from the dead of night, an invitation to a break-in, you know, that swimming pool in the heights? A dispatch from the heady days of tenderness & sin, but Jason was sleeping when the call came in. And now the dawn is breaking with an dreadful, churning sound. The city's waking, and his arteries start to pound, staring slack-jawed at the screen for ever long, as the belt line hisses out its sacrificial song. At the entrance, no one knew Jessica's face. She's a stranger to the show ponies and the wolf hounds in this place. But back in the heady days of tenderness & sin, the drinks were chilled and waiting and they always waved her in. So gravity wins tonight, the speakers set to stun, the walls exposed and dripping with the poorly-painted young. Twenties wilting in our numb & outstretched fists, we're overlooked, flat dismissed. A reunion show of no one's favorite band. A smattering of indifference rising softly from the stands. These tender sins, not worth a shot of backwash anymore: what you gonna trade them in for? It's a sacrificial song. Hiss along. Hiss it all night long.
Track Name: Cowboy Chords
Our scars are unmistakable, deep, red, and insatiable. We're so scared of what we're capable and these scars so unmistakable. We've held it down through all of this, the dull and cheap injustices. Through punches pulled and chances missed, we held it down. With hearts uncertain, eyes unclear, we tripped the corridors of years. It's half a miracle we're here, hearts so uncertain, eyes unclear. Let's run with the wolves tonight and toast the racing satellites. We'll thrash around the bonfire light and run with all these wolves tonight. There's cowboy chords and symphonies. There's molecules and galaxies. Our birthright's infinity and cowboy chords and symphonies. Seeking a sound so long.